How to start?

Download the app from the App store or Google play store and register yourself with your Facebook account.


  • Upload a picture of yourself or simply shoot a new one and use it as a profile picture.
  • Enter your name and address.
  • Leave behind your Email and phone number so we can contact you in emergency cases.
  • Write a short text about yourself and your hobbies.

How does it work?

Take your old Bike out of your cellar and make sure everything works properly. We advise you to fill up your tires and grease your bike chain.

How to submit your bike?

Go to your profile and then to “My Bikes”, press the +plus sign to add a new bike. What we need from you?

  • Model name
  • The current location of the bike
  • The number code of the lock
  • A latest picture of your Bike
  • Make your bike available for your friends
  • A short notice on what to pay attention on while riding.
  • Make your friends change the lock code after every ride for more security.

You can now see your bike under “my bikes”.

Invite friends

To make the “Crowd” become as big as possible we need your help. You have to invite as many of your friends to download the app and take part at something great. How do you do that? Go to “Friends” and import your contacts, afterwards you choose which friends you want to invite.


To follow the latest activities in the Crowd Community you need to go the menu and enable the notifications.


After you have used a bike please make sure it´s clean and works properly, so that the next user won´t have any issues.


How do I borrow a Bike?

  • Search for a suitable bike displayed on the map and press reserve
  • Click “Location details” for more information about the bike´s position. A recent picture comes along too.
  • Finally arrived at the bike you can start your ride by simply pressing “Start ride” and use the shown code to unlock the bike.
  • When you have arrived at your destination place the bike at a easily accessible spot and finish your ride on the app.
  • Take a picture of the bike and where it´s locked
  • Give your bike an overall rating.
  • Specify if the bike is located inside a courtyard
  • Set a new lock code and lock the bike, afterwards enter the new code into the App
  • Write a short text if the bike might be difficult to find
  • Finally, save the Information and the bike is available for the next user.